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Welcome to my web site which is mainly devoted to all things relating to the history of the surnames Linter and Lintern.  Over the course of time I intend to publish as much information as time allows.  As a general rule I will be limiting this to data which is at least seventy years old but I will extend this to more recent material if there is nothing potentially embarrassing to anyone living today.  Further, I will not be including any details, other than names, of any living person unless that individual requests that I do so.

I have also started adding some information relating to other (non-Linter) branches of my family tree.

I have intentionally attempted to design my pages such that users with older display equipment should, in most cases be able to view the information without having to scroll to the right.

If you have any photographs you can supply for the gallery of Linters I would be very grateful to hear from you.  Finally, an appeal to anyone with elderly relatives; if you haven’t already done so, you need to get them to identify the people and places in your family photographs before it’s too late.  Believe me when I say that there is nothing more frustrating than inheriting unidentified pictures.

Please send any enquiries relating to this site to my email address which is ‘’   

I am currently developing a new site which will be easier to maintain but I will be adding information to this site so please do come back to see what’s new.

Graham Linter      Updated 9th August 2014

What’s New?
Emily Linter - page expanded
Sidney George Boxall - page expanded
Hilda Green - new page
Winifred Kate Linter - new page
John Thomas Elsdon - page further expanded
Unidentified Elsdon photo added to Help page
Linter Tree 1 expanded
Linter Tree 3 expanded
Linter Tree 2 expanded
Video footage from 1970
Richard (Ricardo) Linter - page added
George Edwin Linter - main photo added & page expanded further
Elizabeth Jane Elsworth - page expanded
Sheila Linter - new page
Reginald Charles Linter - new page

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