Help Wanted

This is a collection of unidentified people or objects related to Linter/Lintern.

According to the text below, this photograph is of my grandparents, Herbert John Linter and Mary Ann (Polly) Linter nee Gaymer.

I am not convinced this is a correct identification but would be interested to hear anyone else’s opinion.

This teapot was given to me by a lady in Gravesend, Kent, who found it in the loft of her house, the former owner of which was a Mrs Linter.  There are two inscriptions: ‘1 MILE OPEN HANDICAP 1ST G. LINTER’ and ‘GUILDFORD A SPORTS 1888’.  Does anyone know exacly who this G. Linter was?  I am assuming it was a George Linter but I could be wrong.

This photo was sent to me by my cousin (once removed!), Simon Linter.  It was amongst the effects of his late grandmother, Lilian Linter, widow of Herbert Thomas Linter, and is labelled ‘Ted Linter’.  Assuming this identification is correct then I am probably trying to find an Edward Linter to match but have been unsuccessful so far.   Does anyone out there know exactly who this baby is?

The photo below was in a collection once owned by my aunt, Alice Mary Linter.  My father thought it was one of his aunts on the Gaymer side of the family.  He also thought that she may have married a baker and that she had a daughter called Edith, presumably Edith Gaymer.  Does anyone recognise this lady?  She looks petrified of the camera, or even the photographer who was Henry Linn of 64 Powis Street, Woolwich.

Unidentified Gaymer

The photograph below was amongst the effects of my great-aunt,  Alexandra Barbara (Queenie) Camp nee Baldwin.  The recipient was my great-grandmother, Mary Ann Baldwin, nee Elsdon (1877-1951), but I don’t know who either the sender or the subject were.  I have a feeling this old lady could be the recipient’s grandmother, Ann Elsdon, nee McCree (1819-1903), who was buried in St Ives churchyard, Leadgate, Durham. 

Possibly Ann Elsdon nee McCree, Leadgate
Postcard to Mary Ann Baldwin nee Elsdon
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