Harvest Supper 1970
12 Georgia Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey

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Family members featured:

Herbert Thomas Linter
Lillian C. Linter (nee Cole)
    Geoffrey Herbert Linter
    John Maybrook Linter
    Kathryn A. Wells (later Linter)
Alice Mary Linter
George Edwin Linter
Betty Jocelyn Linter (nee Chapman)

Reginald Charles Linter
Peter Arras Gaymer Linter
Dorothy Violet Linter (nee Baldwin)
    Peter Ronald Linter
    Susan Alice Linter
    Graham John Linter

Charles Garfield Baldwin
Dorothy May Baldwin (nee Clifton)
    Dorothy Violet Linter (nee Baldwin)
    Betty Rose Cody (nee Baldwin)
    Ralph William Cody <----- not 100% sure he appears
        Stephen Ralph Cody
        Alan John Cody
        Linda Ann Cody
    Charles Ernest Baldwin
    Sandra Georgina Maughn (later Baldwin)

Other people featured:

Gwynn Jones
Wyn Jones
    Gwynn Jones
    Paul Jones
    David Jones
    Gareth Jones

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