Taxation records

Sussex 1332 Lay Subsidy Assessments

These entries were extracted from some assessments (as opposed to the actual returns themselves) and appeared in ‘Sussex Archaeological Collections Volume 99’ published in 1961 by the Sussex Archaeological Society.  At that time these assessments were located in the Henry Huntington Library in California and were a rare survival from amongst the muniments of Battle Abbey.  The returns themselves were printed in ‘Sussex Record Society Volume 10’ and I will add the Linter entries that appear in that volume to this page at some time in the future.

Barlavington, Rotherbridge Hundred
William de Lynter:  1 yearling, 1 cow, 12 ewes (bidentes), 1 pig, acre of rye, and 1 sester of cider.  0.2.0 (two shillings) due.

Rodmill, Holmstrow Hundred
John Lynter:  2 oxen, 2 steers, 20 wethers, 8 hoggets, 3 acres of wheat and 4 acres of barley:  0.7.8 (seven shillings and eight pence) due.

Meeching, Holmstrow Hundred
Richard Lynter:  8 ewes, 5 hoggets, 1 acres of wheat, 2 acres of barley and 1 jument (mare?):  0.2.4 (two shillings, four and a half pence) due.

Hampshire 1586 Lay Subsidy

Extracted  from Hampshire Record Series Volume 4, ISBN 0 90 668001 8, edited by C. R. Davey.

Portsdown Division, Hundred of Meanestoke, Meanestoke
John Lynter * 9/9s
Alice Adam  8/8s
Roger Richardes * 8/8s
John Collyns  6/6s
Henry Collyns  4/4s
Alice Lowes, widow  3/3s
Richard Pettye  3/3s
John Potterne  3/3s
Sum = 44s
* indicates that this person was an assessor for the tithing in question

Portsdown Division, Hundred of Waltham Episcopi, Droxforde
John Honyman  20s/16d
Simon Bensted  8/8s
Edward Bensted  8/8s
John Frye  8/8s
William Uvedale, gent.  5/5s
John Hache  4/4s
Thomas Frye  4/4s
German Lyntor  3/3s
John Wassell  3/3s
Sum = 44s 4d


Hampshire 1665 Hearth Tax Assessment

Extracted  from Hampshire Record Series Volume 11, ISBN 1 873595 085, edited by Elizabeth Hughes & Phillipa White.

Meonstoke Hundred, Meonstoke
Hearths chargeable:
Doctor Mathew  9
Peter Linter  5
Daniel Collins  4
Robert Addams  4
John Collins  4
+ 14 persons assessed at 3 hearths
+ 4 persons assessed at 2 hearths
+ 2 persons assessed at 1 hearth
Total = 78 hearths chargeable

Meonstoke Hundred, North Warnborough
Hearths chargeable:
Ann Parker, widow  11
Mister Barneham  6
Thomas Thorne  5
+ 8 persons assessed at 3 hearths
+ 14 persons assessed at 2 hearths, incl. Thomas Linter
+ 15 persons assessed at 1 hearth
Total = 90 hearths chargeable

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