George Linter 1833-1906

Born: 1833
Bishops Waltham, Hampshire

Married: 1855
Swanmore Hampshire

Died: 1906

William Linter
Charlotte Grossmith

Mary Ann Layshley

William Linter
George Linter
Frank Linter
Robert Linter
Frederick Linter
Thomas Linter
Emily Bertha Linter
Edward Linter

Featured in Linter Tree 1

Additional information about George Linter:
Gravestone of his children, Thomas, Emily and Frederick

March 1877
George Linter with his daughter, Emily Bertha Linter, one month before Emily’s death at the age of 4 years
Painted by an unknown artist, possibly George’s wife, Mary.
(Copy kindly provided by David and Rosemary Collins)

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